Erin Colasacco

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Photo Art Direction ~ Threshold

August 2021 – Present
As Art Director at Target, I concept inspirational product photography for’s Home category. Recently, I have been very involved in supporting the evolution of the digital photography style of the Threshold brand to better reflect the depth and richness of the new collections. In addition, I’ve been supporting the team in executing their new graphic product photography, with a focus on value and winky, joyful moments that are distinctly Target. 

Project Details: I contribute concepts related to each seasonal cycle of new product and execute them on-set in partnership with scenic builders, photographers, stylists, and internal Target teams. My work ranges from simple, graphic shots to large-scale sets with great detail. 


Photography:  Jimmy Eagle  |  Ryan Dyer  |  Josh Grubbs  |  Dane Tashima  |  Alpha Smoot
Styling: Getty Rene  |  Mickie Clark  |  Pam Morris  |  Maren Anderson  |  Jan Maple
Target: ACD: Liz Korby  |  ACD, Sr. Manager: Anissa Smith  |  Producer(s): Andi Pepin | Erin Repesh