Erin Colasacco

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Art Direction / Global Campaign

American Standard ~Porcelain Valley

Spring 2017
American Standard, a category leader in bathroom and kitchen fixtures, was revealing a new, innovative self-cleaning toilet. A "unicorn", one might say. Introducing, "Porcelain Valley" where American Standard's most innovative products are developed, beta-tested and launched.

The new brand platform positioned American Standard as leading the category in technological advances and gave them a fresh, new voice to approach younger consumers. The idea became much larger than the original brief for a :30 TV spot, and eventually came to life as a campaign manifesto, a Steve Jobs-esque spoof demo video, broadcast television, print advertising, social videos and swag promoting the idea internally at American Standard HQ. 

Project Details: As Sr. Art Director, I was responsible for the original concept (see Post-It note below), guiding clients through storyboard sketch phases, director searches, casting, set vision / styling, day-of guidance and feedback integration, and post-production edits and final delivery. Writing by Janelle Erickson, overall creative direction by Hans Hansen.

Directed by The Norman Brothers