Erin Colasacco

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Photo Art Direction ~ Threshold

August 2021 – Present
As Art Director at Target, I concept inspirational product photography for’s Home category. Recently, I have been very involved in supporting the evolution of the digital photography style of the Threshold brand to better reflect the depth and richness of the new collections. In addition, I’ve been supporting the team in executing their new graphic product photography, with a focus on value and winky, joyful moments that are distinctly Target. 

Project Details: I contribute concepts related to each seasonal cycle of new product and execute them on-set in partnership with scenic builders, photographers, stylists, and internal Target teams. My work ranges from simple, graphic shots to large-scale sets with great detail. 


Photography:  Jimmy Eagle  |  Ryan Dyer  |  Josh Grubbs  |  Dane Tashima  |  Alpha Smoot
Styling: Getty Rene  |  Mickie Clark  |  Pam Morris  |  Maren Anderson  |  Jan Maple
Target: ACD: Liz Korby  |  ACD, Sr. Manager: Anissa Smith  |  Producer(s): Andi Pepin | Erin Repesh

Creative Direction

On Being ~ Visual Brand

2017 - 2022
As Creative Director at The On Being Project, I led the vision of how we presented our media project and public initiatives to the world. I collaborated and led our art direction approach with our internal content team and external artists to ensure our brand’s visual expression was consistent and cohesive across all owned platforms. I was also responsible for identifying and leading new areas for growth in design and video within the Project. I championed our art department through the development, planning, and implementation of all creative visual and online engagement work, collaborating closely with CEO and Host, Krista Tippett. Below is a collection of my work spanning five years, annotated with responsibilities and project descriptions in more detail. 

When I joined the project, the brand’s visual expression leaned on a beautiful logo from Pentagram and occasional stock photography. It was an exciting challenge – to give a popular show a visual voice as strong as it’s radio presence. Over the years, we collaborated with hundreds of photographers and illustrators to create a visual tapestry that better reflected the myriad of voices and lived experiences featured on the show. I was personally responsible for building the Art Department and championing our work and collaborations across my five years at On Being.

In 2018, we partnered with Upstatement, to completely reimagine our website – lovingly referred to as our ‘digital home’. Over the course of a year, we designed and built a hospitable, welcoming space. We invited our community to explore 15 years of audio and written content, creating exciting pathways for discovery. My responsibilities included overseeing the digital design and partnering collaboratively with the agency, our CEO and internal editorial team to make sure all needs and desires were addressed in the front and back-end of the build. At the end of the project we were told this was the ‘most complex editorial Wordpress back-end’ that Upstatement had ever built, which we took as a compliment. Over the next four years we continued to work with Common Media to make enchancements to page templates and craft new ones – most notably our ‘Experience Poetry’ page. In 2018, the website was an Webby honoree as a Cultural/Blog, and in 2019 won the ‘People’s Voice Winner’ for the same category. 

I was personally responsible for building the organization’s video discipline, which came to life in a few different forms. In 2019 we recieved a generous grant from the Mellon Foundation to create a series of Poetry Films that live on our website and newly formed YouTube channel. I was responsible for the initial creative idea and producing all of the pieces in partnership with the artists. The films were positively recieved by our community and continue to circulate to this day, recieving coverage from Communication Arts and used across the globe as grounding exercises. In 2022, we partnered with Maria Popova of The Marginalian (formerly Brain Pickings) to create 9 films for her annual Universe in Verse celebration of wonder, science and beauty. Below are a few of my favorite commissions. 

From 2018 – 2022, we organically grew our community of Instagram followers from 46k to 250k+ through a series of unique community-building and engagement techniques. I was responsible for leading a team in developing editorial content and story ideas, working with photographers and illustrators to bring them to life, editing video, and moderating and engaging with community members directly. 

In 2020, Krista embarked upon developing the On Being Wisdom App – a companionable tool for the art of living, for tending to the interplay between inner life and your presence in the world. I designed all of the artwork for the first four courses and played a role in the early shaping of the app’s form and overall look and feel. 

In 2022, I created On Being’s first official Visual Guidelines document. The 26-page guide outlined and codified all that had been living in my head for the previous five years. 

In January of 2020, The On Being Project launched a new poetry podcast feat. poet, Pádraig Ó Tuama. (Try saying that 5x fast.) Prior to launch, I crafted the Poetry Unbound branding from the ground up, including naming, as well as visual identity. The title of the podcast would eventually become the title of Pádraig’s generous anthology, pairing fifty illuminating poems with his appealing, unhurried reflections.

This work included a mix of custom photography and stock to create collages representative of the themes in each piece of poetry. A photoshoot with Pádraig supported the launch of the podcast and subsequent press. Photography by Trevor Brady

Art Direction / Global Campaign

Fossil ~ Calling All Curious

Fall 2016
Calling all curious minds. You’re invited to spend this fall at Camp Fossil. This global, omni-channel campaign told Fossil’s seasonal product story of arriving equipped for anything, obeying the (best) dressed code and following curiosity down every rabbit hole in sight. Scout's Honor.

Project Details: I led Fossil’s internal team in developing 36 (!) distinct concept images that told editorial and product stories throughout the fall. I was lead Art Director on set, guiding styling, props, and the overall look and feel of the season, while also making sure we captured what we needed for in-store, catalog, web, and social assets. Overall creative direction by Courtney Vincent.Photography by Coliena Rentmeester

Art Direction / Digital Campaign

Fossil ~ Gift Curiously

Holiday 2015
What do you do with a brand that’s always had a penchant for mischief? You celebrate them, and the people who love them. The perpetually curious. The creatives at heart. Welcome to Fossil. We’re calling all to Gift Curiously this holiday. To celebrate the season, we crafted a winter wonderland with cut paper and a cast of curious misfits.

Project Details: I was responsible for all creative direction and imagery to support the overall lifestyle images, which were directed by Peggy Bennett. I concepted the video, all animated GIFs, and all social/digital imagery to support the overall print campaign.
Photography by Jake Chessum and Remi Pyrdol
Directed by Joe Turner Lin

Cast included Leandra Medine (Chromelon/TomGirl), Jessica Williams (Miss Sunshine), Jason Biggs (Uncle Fun), and Jenny Mollen (Space Cadet).

My role was creating supporting digital creative to tell the deeper story of our gifting personas. This photography and video became the complementary pieces to cast photography and supported building out all digital and social components of the campaign, including a billboard in Times Square. Creative Direction by Courtney Vincent. Lifestyle Art Direction by Peggy Bennett.

Watch some fun behind-the-scenes here:

Art Direction / Global Campaign

American Standard ~Porcelain Valley

Spring 2017
American Standard, a category leader in bathroom and kitchen fixtures, was revealing a new, innovative self-cleaning toilet. A "unicorn", one might say. Introducing, "Porcelain Valley" where American Standard's most innovative products are developed, beta-tested and launched.

The new brand platform positioned American Standard as leading the category in technological advances and gave them a fresh, new voice to approach younger consumers. The idea became much larger than the original brief for a :30 TV spot, and eventually came to life as a campaign manifesto, a Steve Jobs-esque spoof demo video, broadcast television, print advertising, social videos and swag promoting the idea internally at American Standard HQ. 

Project Details: As Sr. Art Director, I was responsible for the original concept (see Post-It note below), guiding clients through storyboard sketch phases, director searches, casting, set vision / styling, day-of guidance and feedback integration, and post-production edits and final delivery. Writing by Janelle Erickson, overall creative direction by Hans Hansen.

Directed by The Norman Brothers

Art Direction / Global Campaign

Président ~ Life Well Paired

Spring 2017
This spring seasonal campaign was a continuation of Président’s successful collaboration with James Beard award-winning chef, Gavin Kaysen. The “Life Well Paired” campaign positioned the brand as a category leader with relevant and trend-setting recipes and education tied to seasonal ingredients. A refreshed, elevated visual approach paid “fromage” (lol)...rather, homage to the brand’s unique European heritage. 

Project Details: I led Président’s marketing team in the vision for this shoot, proposing elevating their imagery from a dated commercial look to a more modern editorial style. This included very detailed mock-ups of what the images would look like, as well as all support during post-production with retouching and layouts. Overall creative direction by Hans Hansen.
Photography by Eliesa Johnson

Running a calm set at Spoon & Stable.