Erin Colasacco

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Creative Direction / Global Campaign

On Being ~Poetry Films

Fall 2020
The On Being Project knows poetry to be a critical pillar of public life. It rises up when official language fails us. And it gives voice to what is human and what is true, how we connect and what questions we hold. Poetry continued to move to the heart of what the organization offered on the radio and we were looking for new ways to bring audiences to the work.

I led the development and execution of this initiative partnering with talented poets, illustrators, and directors to reimagine our poetry archive in new, visual, dynamic ways. I am proud to say they have continued to circulate and find new life in trade publications, on the TED stage, and more. 

You can watch all the films here.

Created with much support from Associate Art Director, Lilian Vo

Watch the full archive here.
This project would not have been possible without a generous grant from The Mellon Foundation and our talented artists and directors.