Erin Colasacco

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Art Direction / Digital Campaign

Fossil ~ Gift Curiously

Holiday 2015
What do you do with a brand that’s always had a penchant for mischief? You celebrate them, and the people who love them. The perpetually curious. The creatives at heart. Welcome to Fossil. We’re calling all to Gift Curiously this holiday. To celebrate the season, we crafted a winter wonderland with cut paper and a cast of curious misfits. 

Project Details: I was responsible for all creative direction and imagery to support the overall lifestyle images, which were directed by Peggy Bennett. She and I worked hand-in-hand in the concept stage to be ensure that the model and product imagery was supported by secondary images that reinforced our holiday personas. I concepted the video, all animated GIFs, and all social/digital imagery to support the overall print campaign. 
Photography by Jake Chessum and Remi Pyrdol
Directed by Joe Turner Lin

Cast included Leandra Medine (Chromelon/TomGirl), Jessica Williams (Miss Sunshine), Jason Biggs (Uncle Fun), and Jenny Mollen (Space Cadet). 

My role was creating supporting digital creative to tell the deeper story of our gifting personas. This photography and video became the complementary pieces to cast photography and supported building out all digital and social components of the campaign, including a billboard in Times Square. Creative Direction by Courtney Vincent. Lifestyle Art Direction by Peggy Bennett.

Watch some fun behind-the-scenes here: